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How to Control Blood Pressure

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Like other human beings blood stream flow in our bodies in order to supply oxygen and to control certain activties.Blood is pumped through heart when it leaves tor contract to fall the blood it creates a pressure on the walls of arteries and capillaries this affect is known as blood pressure. This fluctuation in the blood stream followed by the veins or other container of heart vessels  causes fault in blood pressure that cant i9ncraezse to optimum level  which is not good and healthy for any living thing. Every average human should have less than 120/80 mm hg blood pressure.

If a person is having 120 or 130 systolic pressure than it is not like normal and other person is having 89 diastolic than is condition is prehypertension.

Other case like person is having  140-149 systolic pressure and 90-99 diastolic pressure than it is also not normal condition of blood pressure and refer as hypertension.

Out heart beat controls the fall and rise of our blood pressure and when heart relaxes it releases blood stream through vessels and when it contract it draws some quantity back to the compartments. Usually normal heart performs 72 beats per minute. The upper chamber of heart act as receiving chamber caller upper atria and lower chamber is for discharging and refer as lower ventricles. When we do exercise or other cardiovascular activities like going up stairs or climbing mountain or steeply paths fluctuate our blood pressure it  is temporary phenomenon and natural procedure. Having all time high blood pressure or low sustain blood pressure not a good thing we should do something to control it quickly.

Difference in systolic and diastolic blood pressure

As we have mentioned the anatomy of heart now it would be easy for you to understand heart facts many people wonder what is difference between systolic and diastolic blood pressure. When heart pushes blood toward arties  and to the whole body its generates pressure upon the arteries this term is known as systolic pressure.

When heart pulls the blood and relaxes or takes oxygen back this term is known as diastolic blood pressure.

Reason of high blood pressure

  • Extra weight and obesity can cause blood pressure.
  • Unhealthy and oily food with extra fats
  • Smoking can also cause this BP disease.
  • Excess consumption of sodium or salt in the diet.
  • The people who use soda drinks also suffer from blood pressure.

How to control blood pressure

These are the key digits to control blood pressure or associating diseases of heart

Regular exercise

Always start your day with the exercise. Manage some extra time for morning walk in busy schedule of time. Cool breeze of wind and green grass will leave good impacts on your body as well as on your heart. You should focus on cardiovascular activities and those exercises that prompt you on excessive and rapid breath.


Yes another tip of maintain normal blood pressure is yoga. The contraction and relaxation of muscles will clean your blood vessels and track the blood in right path.


Swimming also can help you to make your heart and blood healthy because swimming is a aerobic exercise and lowers the cholesterol level in the blood that causes rise of blood pressure on the arteries and capillaries.

Quit lipids in diet

If you are fond of eating oily food or addicted to fast food instead of eating vegetables then you are responsible for cardio disease that can affect your whole body. Always eat green leafy vegetables and spinach and add various type of salad in your daily intake of food.