treasure in almonds

Hidden benefits of Almonds

No one can deny the benefits of almonds. On the other hand people are also wondering about the perfect method for eating them. On every other second people ask the proper method of eating almonds. Should those eaten in dry form or they should be eaten after wetting them over night these are the question which do roam in our heads. Usually there is a yellow membrane around almonds which is known as tannin with the existence of this membrane you can’t take whole benefit through almonds. You cannot fully get benefit if you don’t peel that membrane. If you will dip your membrane over night the nutritional value of almonds will also enhance as well as it will be digest in your stomach easily as compared to dry almond. In wet almond there is a good enzyme which is better known as lipase which is very helpful in digesting oily food and fats in our body.Wet almond also help the humans to reduce weight rapidly. This dry fruit is packed with several nutritious elements that cease our appetite and deter our stomach to eat anything further. The almonds which are eaten in wet form do contain huge amount of antioxidant that make our skins glowing. almond contain folic acid and vitamin B 17 which fight against cancer. Almond are also good for pregnant women those help in nutrition growth of child.

Here are some other benefits of eating almonds on daily basis.

Brain booster

If your kid quickly forget things or feel difficult to remember things and chores then almond are good remedy for your kid. This dry fruit also should give to growing children and toddlers. These almonds are also good for those people who do brain storming on regular basis like lawyers and student. At least 7 soaked almonds should be eaten in morning time along with warm milk.

Skin friendly

As you know almond is embedded with vitamin E which is good for health and skin. Vitamin E is also known as anti ageing factor. Vitamin E is used in several cosmetics that is the fact is makes your skin adorable.

Stronger bones

Our bones consist of calcium and phosphorus and deficiency of those element cause destruction of bones and make them porous and vulnerable to break. Almonds contain several anti oxidants and also have phosphorus in it as it is good source of phosphorus so it fulfills the deficiency of phosphorus and keep your bones stronger.

For constipation

The high amount of manganese and riboflavin with the combination of fibers act as natural remedy for problem of constipation. It relaxes you bowl movement and makes your stool smooth to pass. So make a habit of eating handful of almonds to make your digestive system healthy and functional.