Healthy Food for pregnancy

Healthy Food for Healthy Pregnancy

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During pregnancy all those food should be eaten that contain all necessary components of vitamins and minerals that provide all essential energy to baby to grow well. Pregnant women should maintain balance diet for their proper health. A perfect and balanced diet is consist on; carbohydrates, minerals, protein and lipids. For attains these components a huge verity of fruits and meat is required. But nutritional experts also warn about over eating.

Fruits and vegetables

Women should consume a variety of fruits and vegetables, at least five fruits should be takes in a whole day whether you can eat or make a juice for drinking purposes.


In bread, potato, oat cereals, pasta, rice and in noodle there is huge amount of carbohydrates present in them. Through these foods your daily need of carbohydrates would be fulfilled. You should eat them on daily basis.


For attaining protein you should run after fish, beef, eggs and dairy products. But eating meat of calf and lamb make sure don’t eat liver both of them.


Hemoglobin has huge amount of iron in it. After mixing with blood hemoglobin provide iron in whole body. Moreover it supplies oxygen to ever blood to every blood cell. Pregnant women should make it necessary to eat all those food which contain iron in its such as peach and seeds.

Special fruits for pregnancy

The use of these fruits such as palm, orange, keno and their juice fulfill all need of vitamin c in your kid.


The use of salad with meal is good to eat spinach, carrot, cucumber and apricot is good for bones and heart of kids.

Pregnancy drink

  1. Mint
  2. Raspberries
  3. Sugar
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Boiling water
  6. Lime extract

Mix sugar in boiling water, after room temperature add mint, raspberries, cinnamon, lime extract I it. Then refrigerate it. When you want to drink it add crushed ice in it.

Water melon for stopping vomiting

For avoiding condition of nausea and vomiting in pregnant women drink one glass of water melon juice with some salt in it and drink it with empty stomach.

High blood pressure in pregnancy

For high blood pressure drink water melon juice with mixing lemon juice in it. Use it twice a day and it will make blood pressure normal.

Food that should avoided in pregnancy

Liver: this should not eaten in pregnancy

Bakery products: all products made up from yeast should be avoided during pregnancy.