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How to Get White and Bright Teeth

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It’s quite pretty to smile with pearl like teeth… White teeth are something else that represent a healthy life of a persona and also exhibit the personal hygiene of him.

Certainly a person having yellowish and pale teeth with smudges over them will feel shy while talking and smiling. Moreover it will create a bad impact on the viewer and also makes you embarrass in your friend circle.

Now you can laugh as much as you can without any fear of humiliation. Now use these tips to turn your yellow teeth in brighter ones. These remedies are very helpful to remove plaque from enamel of teeth.

The things which we should not do

  • Several people have cavities and dark marks on the enamel of the teeth just because of excessive use of caffeine. These marks and spots seems permanent and don’t vanish after brushing.
  • Smoking is another factor which affects the brightness of the teeth narcotics deeply damages the roots of teeth. So you should quit smoking because flossing and brushing won’t help you alone in this matter.
  • People who don’t rinse their teeth after eating citric fruits like orange they tend to lose their enamel in severe condition.
  • People who use to go on their beds without brushing their teeth they let allow the plaque on the teeth.

Baking soda with hydrogen per oxide

Baking soda has the bleaching agent and it has the qualities to remove plaque from yellowish teeth. It will make your teeth shiny and bright.add some hydrogen per oxide or lemon to empower the strength of the paste and rub over all your front teeth and jaw of your math.

Orange peel

Dry orange peels are very helpful in fighting with microorganism which is present in our mouth after eating several foods. Scrub peels of orange on the affected area of the teeth. It will show its results soon.


This fresh fruit also contain some enzymes which can fight with plaque and cavities of smokers. Make a thin paste of strawberries and add some oil into this and rub teeth on them.

Oil and salt

Take two spoon of oil and add some salt into it your mouth pack is ready to use . rub this pack with finger across the teeth then wash it with water. This is very ancient tips our ancestors use this tip in their early ages before the invention of tooth pastes and tooth gels.

Coconut oil

You have read several beneficial effects of coconut oil in beauty. Rubbing and brushing coconut oil in night brushing will help you to get rid of pale teeth. It will kill all germs from the mouth also.