Get Relief from Sore Feet

Get Relief from Sore Feet at Home

In now days feet pain is very common. A whole day heavy workout or constantly sitting for long hour stretches your body muscle. Your feet automatically swell due to muscle stretchiness and pain. It occurs on any part of feet including heel, sole ankle and arch. You can easily get relief from sore feet at home by using some beneficial tips, which are follows:

  • Take two container and fill one with hot water and one with cold water. Add Epsom salt or sea salt in both containers. Add four tablespoon of vinegar in containers. Place your foot in hot water for 20 minutes and then place your feet in cold water for more 10 minutes. Repeat this remedy when you feel swelling on your feet.
  • Clove oil has many benefits for health but mostly it helps in treating joint and athlete’s foot. Take some warm oil and massage your feet with clove oil. Repeat this remedy till you will not get positive result.