Neck Pain

How to get Relief from Neck Pain

This is very common issue in every third person. Person feel pain in bones, nerves and muscles. After a long day work people starts feel pain in neck. The reason behind this pain is most of people spend more time in front of computers and stick their neck at same position for long time. Due to this muscle of neck become weak and when you start look back your joint no longer moves smoothly. Most of people are worried because of this pain. Here I am writing remedies which you can follow to get relief from neck pain.

  1. Keep moving your neck after a short time, this will prevent you from neck stiffness.
  2. Take ice cube and slowly rub it on affected area for 2 minutes.
  3. When you start feel pain do exercise in slow motion, see up and down and from ear to ear.
  4. Lay down straightly on your sleeping bed and try to sleep without pillow.
  5. Take lukewarm olive oil in your palm and gently massage your neck muscles.
  6. Take small piece of towel and soak up in apple cider vinegar, put this towel in your paining area and leave of 1 hour.