Eyelid Bump

Eyelid Bump: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

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Every second person complains about white swollen pimple on the edge of eye lid. It’s obvious that no one is spare from this evil. This pimple or acne on the rim of eye is known as eyelid bump in traditional saying. Some superstitious people say that is becomes or appear on eyes due to hesitation from edibles but these    are baseless fears and holds no reality in these sayings. Some believe in it but reality is rather than it so believe in search phenomenon of science instead of these false rumors.

Sebaceous glands are oil glands that do spread in our whole body but it has huge vast affect on the skin of face. The major roles of oil glands are to produce oil or to lubricate the skin of human beings. These bumps are of white color or may be a little bit yellowish pigmentation. In appearance it also looks like simple acne or just like ordinary pimple .

Types of eyelid bump

There are two types of eyelid bump that use to swell on the lids of eyes. These characterizations of bumps are based on their reason of ailment that propels them to appear.


One kind of bump is known as stye.In medical term is known as hordeolum. This is because of inflammation on the lids due to mixing of oil glands and interruption of bacteria with them between eye lashes above skin. Usually staphylococcus bacteria are associated with this infection of lids. This type of bacteria do reside in our lashes but their indulgence with oil or sebum can create e a bump that is filled with pus or waste material that may be dust.


These types of bump do appear due to the dead skin cells or due to the blockage panel in the oil glands. This is hard and yellowish type of cyst because it is accumulation of dead cells of skin. Keratin is dead protein that present beneath the cells of skin excess keratin and sebum will make milia spots or bumps on eyelashes.


In this white cyst is produced due to the swelling in sebum glands. Our oil glands keep our eyelashes moisturized and make their movement smooth to blink. When dust particles stuck with these lubricants substance it causes swelling in the glands and after that painful bump are ready to appear over the lashes

Symptoms of bumps on styes

On initial stages it tend to make pain in the eye it feels like something went wrong with pupil of the eye but it is illusion main problem is in the skin not in eyes. It causes redness on the lids or white spots on the rims of eyes. Sometimes it is on the upper side of lids or sometimes they are on the surface of lids.

Cure of eye lids bumps

  • Our skin needs frequent care it may include proper washing with bar of soap or with face wash. When we clean our lashes on daily basis oil accumulation will be removed and no blocking of sebum glands.
  • We should keep up to date measurement with our hygiene and clean our hands after half an hour then we should apply antibacterial lotion over it.
  • Always remove eye makeup before going to bed it also make infection in the lids.