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Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks

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Eyes are the beautiful part of your face. When you go outside for a party you do makeup on your face. But makeup on eyes are more attractive. Women apply many branded makeup and different colors of eye-shade to make their eyes beautiful. Here I am also discussing few eye makeup tips & tricks which you can follow and do beautiful makeup on your eyes.

Take small quantity of moisturizer and apply on upper part of your eyes. Apply a good quality of base which you are using for your face.  Before applying eye-shade place a small piece of tape under your eyes. It will prevent your eye-shade fall out. Now apply eye-shade of your dress color. Apply mascara first coat on your eye lashes and then apply talcum powder with brush on eye lashes. Again apply mascara second coat. This will add an extra volume and length to your eyelashes. Use a spoon or hard card to avoid getting mascara on your lid.

Apply white pencil or white shade to give your brows an instant lift. Apply a pencil or kajal in your eyes. You can also wear colorful lenses for beautiful look. Keep in mind always use branded and good quality makeup and lenses for your eyes.