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Eight Ingredients which can make your Hair Beautiful and Shiny

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Dense and healthy hair is craving for every person on earth without any gender discrimination whether female or male .in our culture the girls who have dense hair on their head capture all attention and love. The women who have thin and rough hairs always tend to find new ways to make their hair healthy and shiny.In this article we will discuss those eight foods which will boost your hair growth. These eight foods are very nutritional and have proven the guaranteed long growth with extra luster.


Yes almonds are great food for the growth of hair it can turn them smooth in some time. Although almonds contain selenium. The element which is better known as selenium is best for the protection of hair fall. Other amazing factor of selenium is that it also can protect your hair from scorching sun heat. Start your day with eating handful almonds sooner you will realize the difference in your hair.


The egg is packed with great amount of sulphur. The main constituent of our hair is sulphur. In this way we can provide great feast to our hair if we are eating eggs in our daily routine. Sulphur is also responsible for making circulation of blood in our veins and also improves our hair. Sulphur is also famous for other name which is “beauty mineral”. Consume one egg daily after a month you will see amazing results.


Yogurt is also good for the health of rough hair or the hair with splitting ends.  Yogurt is embedded with the qualities of calcium and vitamin B 5 complex. This rare vitamin won’t allow your scalp to make you hair thin and rough.


This vegetable is great source of zinc and manganese. Both these elements are good at repairing hair tissues and rapidly grow hairs. These elements also provide shield against hair disease and baldness.


People who don’t like legumes will start liking it immediately after reading this article. Legumes are enriched with protein. As we know our hair and nails are made up of protein which is known as keratin. You should not skip legumes in your diet and make it sure to eat them up once in a week.


It is very beneficial food. Fish contain huge amount of omega three fatty acids. This protein is good for making your hair roots strong and it won’t allow you scalp to shed hair.


This vegetable is full of protein and biotin chemical which stops hair fall and splitting ends. This element is also good for removing dandruff and irritation on the scalp.


It is good source of vitamin C so it can protect our hair from falling and can stop from further damage. We should eat an average size of guava in lunch time. This is so because vitamin C is that vitamins which should be taken on daily basis so our skin and hair won’t get dull.