cough remedies

Cough Remedies

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Cough is a sign of winter and it does arrive with the touch of winter.

Cough is respective and viral disease and it also can affect other people in your surroundings. It is a respiration disease that affects the lungs and chest. Usually cough is divided in to three categories.

  1. Wet cough
  2. Hacking cough
  3. Whooping cough

Best Cough Remedies

Cough is an ordinary seasonal disease that will leave you soon if you will try our simple home remedies you won’t need expensive medicine to get rid from seasonal cough. Just try these remedies.

Lemon Honey tea

The people who use to take tea then don’t forget to add some drops of lemon and honey in instead of sugar or other sweet additives. If you don’t take tea you can also add these ingredients in Luke warm water. Taking sip of this drink can help you sooth your chest pain which has occurred due to cough. Honey has antiseptic qualities hand lemon has vitamin C which enhance the immunity of body.

Ginger and honey

Take a fresh knot of ginger and make a fine paste through it and add in the honey and eat it with empty stomach. It will reduce your irritation in throat and you will get rid of seasonal cough soon.

Turmeric drink

After suffering with cough you will also observe painful cramps in the body ad a little bit tiresome in your daily movement. In a glass of warm milk add a pinch of turmeric powder, a half spoon of ginger, some black pepper and honey in it. Turmeric powder has anti inflammatory, anti septic and anti bacterial qualities it will minimize the affect of chest affect which is responsible for cough.

Cough syrup


  1. One apple
  2. 15 figs
  3. 250 grams honey
  4. One liter water

Recipe: drop apple, figs, honey and water in a source pan and boil them for 10 minutes and after that stain this liquid syrup. Then your homemade cough syrup is ready. Mix two spoon of syrup in a glass of warm water and drink it. It will clear your throat and will sooth you old dry and wet cough.

Other Prevention

In winter season you should take some extra measures to keep yourself away from dreadful cough. You can simply do this by following these parameters.

  • Don’t eat cold edibles at night and try to avoid drinking cold beverages.
  • Don’t drink water after eating peanuts keep a while of at least 35 minutes.