Contraceptive Methods

Contraceptive Methods or Birth Control Methods

After marriage every couple immediately don’t plan kids for themselves. These couple want to spend time figuring out life and want to make themselves financially stable. Sometime people belonging to lower socio economic groups want to maintain a gap between their kids, other case is that couple has completed their family and don’t need any further babies. Family planning is very necessary for prosperity and for the health of mother.

There are several Contraceptive methods for couples. Some contraceptive methods are physically harmful and some of them are harmless methods. In this article we are going to discuss birth control methods for your awareness.


This is very common method for birth control. This is complete economical method for birth control. On the top of that the risk of its failure is only 26 percent. In this male partner use to cover his manhood with condom that stops the ejaculation of sperms and won’t let them enter in the vagina of woman. In this way woman won’t get conceive .the other side benefit of condom is that it save you from sexually transmitted diseases. This method won’t hamper you in your private time. It’s very simple way of stopping pregnancy.

Birth control pills

Other famous pregnancy control method is through pills and tablet. There are several medicines are present in medical store that can tackle birth control. In women this method is mostly used. These types of medicines stop ovulations that stop pregnancy. This method is very successful and its tackle rate0.5 percent and the rate of disappointment is that sometimes women use to forget to take pills. It is very effective method for controlling pregnancy.

Moreover it also have some side effects, it creates clotting in the blood, head ache, abdominal pain and burning sensation. In some female also feel disturbance in gall bladder. Continuously taking these pills increase the rate of liver cancer in women. It also increases the obesity in some female. 20 percent observe depression and anxiety in them.

In some female secretion flow may enhance from their vagina. It has astonishing affect on women sometimes it enhance the libido and sometimes it suppress the physical needs.

We don’t recommend the use of contraceptive pills. Through this it disturbs the circulation of blood; produce several cardiac diseases, risk of cancer and other disease. The women who use to feed their babies also disturbing the health of their kids.


This surgery is performed after given anesthesia .its success rate is 100%. It does not have any visible side affects. This surgery can also be reverse. After reverse surgery male is able to produce kids. So this is a little bit expensive method to control pregnancy.