Constipation Problem / Cure At Home

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When constipation occurs in a person his bowl movements are difficult to pass stool or in other way a painful condition in which solid and rigid feces goes through.

Symptoms of constipation

  • Bowl movement after long span of hours and days
  • Difficulty in passing stool
  • Taking long hours to empty stomach or still wish that something is in stomach which should be getting rid of.
  • Swelling in abdominal region

Causes of constipation

  1. Common reason of this is not having regular amount of water in daily life. Water keeps you hydrated it also softens your excretion also to pass out smoothly.
  2. Another reason behind this problem is excessive intake of meat and avoidance of vegetables and fruits. Meat use to take high concentration of water to digest properly instead of vegetables.
  3. Affects of medication could be one of other constipation problems among others. Mostly those medicines which contain bulk form of calcium and vitamin A will bring stiffness in feces.
  4. Other issue like pregnancy may cause for just that time period after that everything goes normal. In pregnancy constipation occurs due to hormonal affect on body that triggers this sort of trouble.
  5. People who frequently use drugs and narcotics may suffer from constipation. Anxiety also held responsible for constipation it create hardness in the nerves and bowl to allow feces.

How to prevent constipation

Drink excessive of water

Keep your body hydrated in order to avoid from severe type of constipation. More glass of aqua reduces the risk of constipation. Water helps the body to happen bowl movements to excrete quickly.

Intake of vegetables

Grab those vegetables which are rich in fibers. If you get enough amounts of fibers in your diet you won’t get constipation in your whole life. Natural grains also contain fiber in their composition. So don’t try to skip the lentils and whole grain food like beans and also nibble apple and pear in the morning.

Vitamin C

If you fell prey to constipation then you need to take freshly squeezed lemon or oranges that contain huge amount of vitamin C to release your chronic constipation.

Aloe Vera

You don’t know this quality of aloe that if have one cup of it you must escalates toward washroom soon. This is the easy treatment if you are constipated.

Legumes and nuts

That’s easy way to get relieve from trouble eat lots of legumes and nuts it will restore your daily stool to happen in quick manner. Avoid dairy products like butter and milk because it contains calcium that will harden your stool. Also skip multiples cups of coffee because it is packed with caffeine that will blotting up your bowl in passing stool.