Condition of Osteoporosis and Affects of Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is medical term used for weaker bones due to corrosion of boners tissue. Basically osteoporosis is diseases that are usually causes by dissolving muscle tissues and forming porous structure that is like net and less dense. If we develop porous structure your hip bones and spine more likely to fracture more often. About an estimation women more often get affected by this bone disease. Women are girls are more susceptible to this disease because they tend to avoid intake of calcium and also due to child rearing and pregnancy. Another reason may be held responsible for losing bone mass is hormonal changes that’s swings in every lady through her teen age and through her menopause. Hormonal changes are just like changing the level of estrogen that may fall down in the beginning of old age and should be treated  as soon as possible.

How to avoid this disease

  • First of all you should quit drinking of carbonated sodas and drinks because these beverages are full of carbon that is not beneficial in favor of our health. Carbonated drinks inhibit the production of hemoglobin and then it start affecting iron level in us and deficiency of blood is its final achievement in the body.
  • In addition these drinks also affect the production of calcium in the body and we know that calcium phosphorus and vitamin D are the basic elements to form structure of the bones. When level 0f calcium falls from a certain level it generates porous structure of bone that causes breakable and frail bones.
  • In the initial condition it creates bad impact on tendon of bones they lay to become shaky from the joints.
  • Ingredient of carbonated drinks artificial flavors interrupt the formation of calcium and also try to create hindrance in absorption of calcium into bones.
  • Research unveils the bitter truth that people who consume artificial drink on regular basis are greater at risk to fall prey of osteoporosis.
  • Coffee and tea also take part in bone depletion and make them dainty in their composition. Consumption of caffeine above from a certain level causes deprivation of vitamin D and henc4 they loss their actual bone density.
  • Everything should be done in moderation the people who abstain from green leafy vegetables may likely inclined themselves towards condition and beginning of osteoporosis.

 Points for the prevention of osteoporosis

  1. Avoid drinking of beverages and drinks which are made up from artificial calcium sugar and carboniot will make your bone density unsound and vulnerable. Always drink lemonade and green tea to make pacify your taste buds and for health purposes as well.
  2. Add proper adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Drink at least one glass of milk daily and if you are feeding your kid then you should drink 4 glass of milk.
  3. You should expose your body towards sun shine in the dawn when the sun is about to emerge ion sky. These rays contain bulk of vitamin D that is vital for our bones.
  4. You should eat spinach and other leafy vegetables to fill your bones with calcium and phosphorus.