Cleansing of skin

Cleansing of Skin with Herbal Methods

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Normal and flawless skin is a blessing of GOD but we know well we have to do several tasks to maintain the health of our skin. cleansing of skin with any face wash is not enough to get beauty and adolescence on it but you have to do other things on it for better results take rose petals and crush them and add some honey and turmeric in it and apply on the skin and leave it to dry for some minutes. After it get dry wash it with fresh water. Repeat this remedy thrice a week and see the difference in your skin.

For dry skin

Take an average size carrot and crush in into a fine paste then add some natural fresh cream of milk in it if you don’t have fresh cream of milk then you also can add some olive oil in it. After applying this leave it to dry for 15 minute and rub it to wash.

For normal skin

Take some chick peas and soak them in water over night after next day crush them in paste then add some milk in it and stir it well to make an amalgam of thick paste. Apply this paste and rub it to remove and rinse with warm water. Use this once in a day to make your skin vibrant and clean.

You can also try this remedy if you frequently found pimples and smudges on your skin, try this ubtan made from vitamin C. first of all collect peels of lemon and orange and crush them in to fine pieces and add two spoons of honey in your daily dose of cleansing remedy is ready for use.

Mask for cleansing germs and dirt from the skin

Honey has antiseptic qualities and able to remove dirt particles from the pores of skin. On the top of that it has better qualities to make your skin fresh as compared to skin of your friends the women who complaint about the roughness of their skin then you should try this mask. One tea spoon honey, one tea spoon milk and some drops of olive oil. Apply this mask for 10 minutes then see its results and people will appreciate you wherever you go. If you feel dullness on skin after using too much make up on it then this mask also can help you to remove marks and dullness on skin.