Benefits of Herbal Tea

Benefit of Herbal Tea

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There are several Benefit of herbal tea. Herbal teas are those teas which are made up with different herbs.
There are multiple benefits of herbal tea such as these are light in calories.
Each herb contains different characteristics and properties. So every

herbal tea varies from one to another. Each herbal tea is unique in its composition and its taste.

Herbal teas contain different aromas and different colors with natural pigmentation depending upon the herb used while making it.

Green tea

I don’t think that there would exist a person who won’t familiar with green tea. It is very common type of tea. It is consumed in every corner of world. Green tea huge amount of anti oxidant. It is used for weight loss purposes. Other people tend to use this for leveling high concentration of cholesterol.


Indeed this tea is very delicious among hot beverages. It also has multiple health benefits like overcoming diabetes. It also helps you to regulate stomach disorder like constipation and it will also lose your stool. It will cure your biological clock of sleep, if you feel deficiency of sleep you should take this tea after dinner.

Ginger mint green tea

This tea has unique taste among other teas. It has antiseptic affects to all over your body and immune system. It will help to kill germs of the stomach. Its other astonishing affect is that it also helpful in killing stomach worms whether those are pin Worms or flat worm, Ginger won’t spare them.

Peppermint tea

It has great aroma that influence they people who are away from the actual surrounding. it has several benefits one of them is that it can cure your heat burn and digestion disorders. If you are suffering any problems which are mentioned above then believe me God has created peppermint for you. Take a mug full of peppermint tea on regular basis.

Lemon Grass

It is very ancient in its consumption. People of Europe use this for curing eternal ailments. Some African used lemon grass as spice in their foods. It is very useful in treating cancer cells. It kills cancer affected cell and also inhibit their further growth.

Cardamom tea

This tea has very sweet aroma that can be addicted to its magical smell. This tea has amazing taste. Other property of this tea is that it can cure your prolong cough and itchiness in the throat. So this tea is very beneficial for cold and cough to attain relief for the patient. Indeed herbal teas can make your day good.

Fill your kitchen ingredients with multiple herbs and try to make and drink different herbal tea in each day of the week.