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Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits

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People don’t fill their lives with healthy foods. While watching TV people tend to eat oily snack which make them out of shape. These sort of unhealthy junk foods badly affect their stomach and brain as well. Junk food stuffed with extra calories instead of vitamins and essential minerals. Many people of us in dilemma weather dry fruits are healthy snack or just filled with sugar and taste. Some people are bound to think that every fresh thing is good for health but this case is not with the dry fruits, it may contain excess nutrients as compared to its fresh serving.

How dry fruits are made

The tradition of drying fruits comes from the ancient ages and it’s still prevailing among recent new generation.dry fruits are like common fruits and water is drained from them through a certain process like sun light or chemical procedure.

Fruit size is now packed in small size and contains multi vitamins and several organic materials which boost your metabolism and leaving you healthy throughout your life.

Here is variety of dried fruits that can fill your dining table with colors.


Raisins are made by the dehydration of fresh grapes. Raisins contain rich form of vitamin B that can slow down your hair fall and also help blood to circulate well in the arteries. In addition it also contains iron so it is good to beat the disease of anemia and tend to increase the production of red blood cells in human being. Its benefits are not limited here it also contain potassium that is very helpful for stopping brain stroke, blood pressure disorders and it also help to open blood vessels. Raisin is also a good source of carbohydrates for work out. Sprinkle a handful raisin upon your cereal to make tainted with fibers.


Dates are full of sugar that is good to maintain the sugar level diabetes in patients. It packed with vitamin K, which very important to keep the injuries healing. It also repair muscle fracture. Vitamin K also useful to make other 13 types of vitamin those help to build up immunity system. The people who complain about the osteoporosis should eat raisins for vitamin K.


Apricot is full with vitamin A that is using to beat night blindness and weakness of eyesight and it also help in muscle tightness of retinas. Potassium is very good for relieving cholesterol level. It also has zinc and traces of manganese. It has basic electrolyte to carry out function of heart muscles.


Fig is associated with mulberry family. It has raw form of potassium and calcium. It has vitamin B6 that plays vital role in converting fats into the energy and has stunning affects on the liver. Figs are natural produced laxative that help to release constipation and to perform bowl movements. Apricots are also act as cancer militant in our body. It kills cancer cells and produce metabolism to burn fat cells in our body.