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Bad Breath or Odor of Mouth

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It very common sort of disorder in many people and this is very embarrassing too.  Bad breath is referred as halitosis and this bad odor from mouth is really disturbing for the people in surroundings. The person suffering from this can not move freely in the social gathering or  can not expose his thoughts in any sit-up.  The person feels lonely and shambled.  Moreover the people around him also feel disgusting and push them away from the suffering person. Situation becomes worse day by day. Bad breath is very annoying disorder and can’t disguise it also make your reputation low and drag your self esteem low.

Reason for having bad breath

After eating meal this get enter in the intestine and the process of decomposition get started. This process of decomposition involves several chemicals and acids in it. On the top of that these acids get intense with the acidic food we eat and cause bad breath in the mouth. These foods could be garlic or ginger or sometimes fish or other red meat. Other reason could be poor hygiene the people who don’t brush or floss their teeth regularly do suffer from bad breath. This is so because the foods we eat get stuck in the cavities of our teeth and the bacterial decomposition get start in them. This chemical decomposition involves bacteria so bad odor emerges from the mouth. Smoking and use of tobacco also make your mouth smell worse and it’s really difficult to get rid of this kind of smell. The individual who are very habitual for following crash diet plan also suffer from bad odor of mouth. Well these are some reason for having bad smell of mouth.  We should avoid such cases to make our mouth fresh and odorless.

How to get rid of bad odor of mouth

 Cleaning of dentures

If you use artificial teeth or a set of dentures you should remove at night before sleeping and on next day wash those properly with some chemical that is given by your dentist then wear them. Always wash them properly before wearing them. It will reduce bad breath of your mouth.

Avoid smoking

If you are addicted to smoking and tobacco then you should wash your mouth with the well reputed mouth wash and should try to chew some mint leaf after that.  This will lesser the intensity of tobacco smell and will add a fresh smell to the mouth.

Oral hygiene

Always rinse your mouth with simple water after eating sweet things it will kick out extra particles from the mouth. Brush your teeth with fluoride tooth paste and also floss them regularly.

Care in food selection

Make a wise choice before eating foods. Avoid that food which contains pungent smell. It will taunt your mouth afterward.