How to avoid excessive gas

How To Avoid Excessive Gas

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Every person on earth passes 10 to 15 times rectal gases in a day. Rectal gas is obvious in every human and it happens to every other human being on earth. But problem start to occur when it happen in the excessive way and frequently escalates from the normal schedule. There could be several reasons that could pop out flatulence.

Flatulence is passing gas from rectum that circulates from the intestines. When flatulence occurs from the expectation in front of people it causes embarrassment.

There are different factors that impose farts in the people.

Burping and belching are also gases but they have some distinction because these are coming towards mouth. Some rectal gas also has foul gas that cause blushing for the people who are in social interaction.

The ways to reduce this excessive gas

Drinking before taking food

You should drink water at least half an hour before eating your meal it will lower the acidity present in your stomach and it also lower the gas in the intestine.

Slow chewing

You should nibble your food slowly. If you chew your food in smaller pieces your stomach won’t take much time to digest it and it doesn’t create gas. It’s a fact while eating food in hurry you also bloat air in the stomach that exhales from the anus afterward.

Carbonated drinks

The people who are very fond of carbonated sodas and soft drink are likely to be the victim of flatulence. You should quit carbonated drinks to get free from the excessive gas.

Food that create gas

The artificial sweetener without glucose and sucrose can trigger gas in the rectum to flow out from anus. Many foods also generate this problem. Here is the list of vegetable and fruits that cause this issue.

  • Beans and lentils get dissolve in the intestine they happen to generate gas
  • Peas and corn should be avoided to eat.
  • Whole grain should be neglect like oat meal and wheat.