What is Abortion and Reason behind Abortion

The process or phase or end and termination of pregnancy are called abortion. Abortions could be natural or those also can happen by wish of person. Abortion could happen due to some medical reason then this type of abortion is called miscarriage.

Types of abortion

There are two types of abortion.

  1. Surgical miscarriage

In this type of miscarriage medical instrument are involved and surgery is performed.

  1. Medical miscarriage

In this type of abortion medicines are used such as tablets and pills.

Both these type of abortion leave bad affects on woman. Abortions are very harmful for woman.

After surgery several type of infection can happen to the patient like inflammation in the wounds and wounds get worse by the passage of time and get a lot time to get better. In this way more medicine are used and through side affects women get paralyzed in her life. Because indulging into another disease can cause psychological effects on the mind of suffering patient.  After surgery affects are suffered by woman.

Side effects and harms of abortion

  • During abortion trunk is slashed to open and after recovery several disease may attack such as diarrhea and burning sensation.
  • After surgical miscarriage many women notice vomiting and nauseating condition of health.
  • Other bad effects of miscarriage are also that belly may bulge out just like a bag of fats.
  • In surgical abortion anesthesia is used to make the patient unconscious this may cause issues of blood pressure, head ache and other nervous problems.
  • Due to over dosage medicines, feeling of tiring, restlessness may happen.
  • Moreover other stomach problems such as indigestion problems, acidity also occur in patients.
  • In time of performing surgery the instrument may not sterilized well to deter the germs from entering in the body f patients. These unsteriliztion of instrument may cause hepatitis in patients.
  • Other disease such as ramping and abdominal disease are sure to happen in patients.

In this type of abortions bleeding May happen, sometimes cervix got ruptured and condition of uterus becomes weak and vulnerable. Through this the chances of getting pregnant may reduced up to 35 percent.

In general anesthesia the blood pressure of woman may fall to optimum degree and dearth of patient can also happen.

  • In surgical miscarriage chances of rupturing and cutting of cervix and uterus is obvious and some other delicate organs may affected through this. Sometimes their functionality and performance of these organ may degrade.
  • Medical miscarriage is very ordinary type of abortion and availability of medicines is very easy and woman can approach these pills very easily. Moreover the flow of blood is so vicious that can cause the deficiency of red blood cells. The complexion of woman may become dull and pale.
  • Sometimes these abortions can make the patient infertile.