foods fight with stress

5 Super Food to Fight with Stress

In this modern and busy life a large number of people leads to stressful life. If someone goes to a long stress for long time it might bring negative impact on your body and health. Here, I am describing about most usable 5 super food to fight stress. Use of these foods will help you to reduce your depression as well as stress.

  1. Oranges: These have many benefits for health, these are full of with vitamin C and a rich amount of antioxidants in it. It helps to fight with stress. So you can take a glass of orange juice when you are suffering with stress or depression.
  2. Almonds: it’s a best choice when you are thinking to get relief from stress. It’s an amazing type of fiber and full of with vitamin A and E.
  3. Green tea: it is full of with antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenol. Antioxidants are the great source to change your mood. Drink a cup of green tea in state of anxiety you feel difference very soon.
  4. Milk: people who drink a glass of milk regularly feel less stressed. It provides vitamin A and D, calcium along with antioxidants to the body.
  5. Dark Chocolate: most of people fond of it. When you feel stressed eat some dark chocolate, it will boost your mood and reduce your stress level.